The Weight of the World

For time:

Row 1K

50 Dumbell Snatches (40/ 25)

Row 750 meters

35 Dumbell Snatches

Row 500 meters

20 Dumbell Snatches

These are one-armed snatches, alternating arms.

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Active Shoulders work!


I hope you are all enjoying the inclusion of the Shoulder Prep series in our warm ups.  The muscles and joints of the shoulder allow it to move through a remarkable range of motion, making it the most mobile joint in the human body.  I have heard it referred to as a black hole of muscles and tendons, and this tremendous range of motion also makes the shoulder extremely unstable, far more prone to dislocation and injury than other joints.  Take a closer look at two of these muscles in Wikipedia:  the trapezius and the deltoid.  These muscles should be hard at work throughout most of our gymnastics movements and any overhead lifting, we call this an “active shoulder.”  Pay attention to the position of the shoulders in these videos: gymnastic rings and olympic lifting.  You have heard us say it a million times, so I wanted clarify why you should be doing this.  In this position we can handle huge loads, but we need to practice and develop this position regularly.  A few great places to practice this in your warm up are the overhead squat (you should get tired just holding the pvc above your head), the pull up or kipping swing and dips (which we should do more of!)

On a completely different topic, I ran into this CF success story, I love these.


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