Stoaaaked, maaan

8 Rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

Rest 90 seconds.

Post total time to comments not including 8th rest.


The new sport of synchronized GHD situps

Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of the intro to Pose running technique.

Check out the new search function on the left side nav bar, along with a soon to be functioning forum area!
  Woop Woop!  We will also be adding an upcoming events area to accommodate things such as:

  • Thursday – Puhlayo Market delivery, sign up by Wednesday!  (Don’t forget to get your Bison order in by tomorrow, I’m picking it up Wednesday:)
  • Friday – Our first cooking party at Deniz’ place!  Try to be there by 7:30pm.  Details and exact location to follow.
  • Sunday – Surfing in El Porto or Malibu depending upon conditions.  We have a couple boards, and maybe an extra wetsuit or two.  If it rains, then ice skating in Culver City!
  • March 13-14th – The Socal Sectional CrossFit Games Qualifier Event, yee-haw!

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