To the Test

Row or Run 5K

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We just received our first shipment of PaleoKits for you to try.  They are properly portioned, zone blocked, vacuum sealed packets of deliciousness.  Hormone-free grass fed beef jerky, dried fruit and nuts, mmm.

  We bought a variety of sizes to see what you prefer so let us know!

Proceeds from the sales of Paleokits fund Steve’s Club, a non-profit Crossfit affiliate devoted to training youth from Camden, NJ-often touted as the most dangerous crime-infested city in the country. Steve’s Club gives inner-city kids the chance to get away from the drugs and violence that plague their neighborhoods.

Paleokits were originally developed to provide the children portable on-the-go nutritious meals they could eat at school and at home. Born to fuel their bodies, Paleokits now fuel the future of many kids looking for a positive place to stay safe and get strong.

Your determination can give you the strength of will and the courage necessary to pursue challenging endeavors.

Often, the way in which we approach a problem is as important as the practical steps we take to address it. A positive mind-set (we call it the IRON MIND) and a belief in your capability can help one face difficult situations or get around obstacles that block our paths.

Strength of will is a required skill for the course of Life. The weight room has much to teach our youth.



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