Get Down

Five Rounds for time of:

Row 500 meters

12 Power Cleans (135/ 95)

15 Thrusters (95/65)

Post time to comments.


During my first rock climbing lesson, before we even got onto the rock, the instuctor asked the class, “What’s stronger:  your arms or your legs?”  To which some strapping young lad quickly replies with confidence, “Arms!

”  Although he and many have a very strong upper body, his answer, of course, is incorrect.  I’ve taken to the term ‘prime movers’ for the legs.

  For generating high power output, the legs and hips must be utilized.

  You need to remember, that in a workout like today, whether its driving out of your legs to finish that 500 meter row, getting power off the floor with the cleans, or popping into the top of your thruster, you must focus on generating the maximum power output from your legs and hips!  All of these movements can be ‘muscled’ through with minimal technique, but the benefits come from applying your power efficiently, which in turn means less suffering!


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