Because Good is Dumb

For time:

50 Wall ball shots

25 L Pull-ups

40 Wall ball shots

20 L Pull-ups

30 Wall ball shots

15 L Pull-ups

20 Wall ball shots

10 L Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


Strong is good

I have been busy the past few weeks and struggling to write these posts daily.  I have asked for the assistance of my peers and just yesterday, guiltily posted a straight WOD.

  No musings.  I hope you understand!  Recently, I drew my concept of “the graph of life” on the whiteboard.  If you didn’t catch it, the idea is that there are constantly ups and downs, but the overall line is always trending upwards.

  I’m a firm believer that everything moves in cycles.

  Don’t worry when you are struggling, just keep learning and working hard.  I shall post again!


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