Not Rest Day

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

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Night Running Road Rash

We follow the three day cycle from the main page, with each fourth day being a “rest day.”  If you are able to make the full three day cycle we recommend that you take a day to recover and pursue some other recreational activity so you can attack the following cycle with fervor.  For those that are on the three day a week program and/or stuggle to follow the regular 3 day cycle, these rest days are still a lot of hard work!  We will be using these days to work on certain skills, and they will always include a WOD.

  The idea is that for three consecutive rest days, we will  have a skill or a theme.  For example, the previous three rest days we worked on the muscle up and starting yesterday we were working on the push up.  The manifestation of these themes will vary from rest day to rest day.

Tomorrow we launch the nutrition blog!

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