Regulators…Warm up!

3 Rounds for time of:

50 We haven’t discussed the warm up in a while, but sometimes I am reminded of how important it is to your performance.  Not only will it prime your body for high intensity exercise, but it is an opportunity to strengthen your foundational skills!  Our normal warm up consists of a series of movements with 10 reps a piece, such as push ups, squats, pull ups, as well as the Burgener Warm up.  We do this day in and day out.

  Imagine how quicky you could progress if you focused on perfect form here, or exchanged a more difficult variation.

  For the ten pull ups, try strict insead of kipping even if you have to take a break.  Get in a little early and use your extra warm up time to do an extra set of perfect chest to floor push ups.  If you have trouble with your squat, perform slow controlled wall squats.

Here is a basic video of what we do.  Have you ever heard the ol’ CrossFit saying, our warm up is your workout?

  Try the recommended warm up in the FAQ of the mainpage to see what they mean:)

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