The Holy Grail

With a continuously running clock, squat for 60 seconds. Subtract the number of squats completed from 60, and do that many pull-ups in minute two. In minute three, squat again, subtracting the number completed from 60. Do that number of push-ups in minute four.

Minute five is squatting again, and minute six pull-ups.

The pattern is squats, pull-ups, squats, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, etc.

The goal is to stay within the workout’s formula for as long as possible.

Don’t do more than 60 squats in any round. In any case, stay moving for 12 minutes.

Post results to comments.


Too many obvious captions here

We don’t close for the holidays, but CrossFit events…thats a whole different story!  For all of you that can’t make it to Ventura tomorrow, this is a perfect WOD to try at home or in the park.  Make it happen!  For substitutions you can use jumping pull ups and knee/incline push ups.  For those that are going as spectators, lets see if we can get a breaktime workout together.  We tried this today already, so let me give you a hint:  if you want to make all twelve minutes (which is the goal) don’t do 60 squats in the first minute!

This weekend is nothing compared to the big Game, get ready boys and girls…

2009 Affiliate Cup Final Event (CFJ subscription required)
2009 First Day Events (CFJ subscription required)




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