Rest Day


This coming Saturday (January 16, 2010) is the much anticipated CrossFit Ventura Affiliate Team Challenge!  We’ve already 2 full teams registered, one lone wolf, and a plethora of eager spectators.  The event will start at 0800 and will run all day, encompassing 3 Team events and whole lot of fun.  Attending a multi-affiliate CrossFit event as athlete or spectator or judge, is a humbling and exhilarating experience.  If you’re still interested in joining, form a team (2 men and 2 women with one Team Captain) and register here.

Post questions to comments or ask myself or diso.


“Far from being a cheat, kipping is a gateway skill with functional utility on the rings, parallel bars, high bar, and floor (the quickest way to get to your feet). Where most athletic communities avoid the kip, we go to great lengths to teach and learn it.”

From Kipping Pullups by Greg Glassman (hint, hint)

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