Healthy and Happy

5 Rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

25 GHD sit ups

25 Hip Extensions

Post times to comments.


In case you haven’t heard me discuss it, I’m a big advocate of KCRW.

  If you don’t listen to it, start today!  It is a constant source of quality information and entertainment.  On the radio its 89.9 or you can stream and podcast at

This morning as I was driving to work they were interviewing a Harvard psychologist and author that specializes in happiness.  He was promoting a new PBS series called “This Emotional Life,” and had a few very interesting things to say regarding the self-help business, getting older, marriage and children.  Since I did not come from a background steeped in athletic training, I was blown away by the unintended benefits of performing the crossfit wods.

  I am not going to say that CrossFit is the way to happiness, but being healthy is certainly an integral part of the answer.

  It has been proven that as we age, health remaining constant, we only get happier.  Most of us think of cranky old folks, but that is because there are more ailing senior citizens than healthy ones.  This is at the core of what we do.  Learn how to be independent, healthy, strong and happy for as long as possible!

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