Baby Steps out the door


5 Rounds each for time of:

20 Pull ups

30 Push ups

40 Sit ups

50 Squats

Rest precisely 3 minutes between rounds.

Post time of rounds and total time to comments.

Farewell to the Holiday fun


I have done my fair share of talking trash about New Years Resolutions, but I do understand the sentiment.  Talk of the past decade’s events and the end of the holiday season’s obligations leaves us in a state of reflection. The most common resolutions include:  improving health or finances, self improvement (less stress, more organized, time with family, etc.), taking a trip, maintaining a diary, and volunteering to help others.

  Year after year, people make these same resolutions and on average, only 12% of people actually achieve their goals!  The people that do acheive their resolution generally do one of two things:  create a smaller, more specific objective OR break down their objective into smaller parts.

When following your dreams, working through a hard WOD, or creating a new resolution, these rules will always stay true.  Break it down into manageable parts and you can accomplish anything!

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