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My life outside of the gym is life in the kitchen.  I absolutely believe that everyone should be cooking the majority of their own food.  The problem for most is that it takes too much time…three meals a day, throw a couple snacks in there, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, my god thats a lot of food to be responsible for!

There are two major components to making this work:  buying fresh food regularly and cooking the food.  Replacing all your bread and pasta with veggies takes a lot of veggies!  Regularly indulge your hunter-gatherer insticts at the farmer’s market.  This needs to be done numerous times a week if you are cooking regularly.  The actual cooking of the food can be both intimidating and time consuming.

  Here are a few pointers for what I do:

  • Roast your Veggies:  You can do a lot at once, with minimal work, that charred goodness reheats very well and lasts for a couple days.
  • Thin cuts of Meat:  They cook quicker and are just as good.  I take a bunch of chicken breasts, slice ’em thin and marinate them in a big bowl.  Lasts for a good couple days.
  • Soups, stews and chilis:  Big batches of this stuff.  Like everything else, find a recipe you like and make the shit out of it!
  • Eat Fat:  Always have avocados around (coconut milk too).
  • Spaghetti squash:  Go find one of these and cook it!  Cook and hollow out the squash en masse and add to pasta sauce as needed for multiple meals.

  • Homemade Salad Dressings:  Better than store bought in every way!  Find one you can eat every day and make a big batch for yourself.
  • Plasticware:  Invest in some good reusable containers for work or for storing in the fridge.

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