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Rest Day Rowing


Feeling those shoulders lately?  Newbies?  Here’s a nice little activity for you…

Physical therapy for $2.50!

Using a only a lacrosse ball, you can work a lot of tension out of tight tissue.  Working with an athlete at CrossFit Santa Cruz, Kelly Starrett uses a ball to treat the internal and external rotators of the shoulder, the triceps and the lats. Video (wmv/ mov)

By getting creative and taping a pair of balls together, Starrett is able to do a little maintenance on the facet joints and erectors around the spine.  The rules are pretty simple for this kind of work: do it for a couple of minutes, and roll until something feels different.  Starrett also says a glass of wine can help.

Starrett is the owner of San Francisco CrossFit and a doctor of physical therapy.


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