Your Permanent Record

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Oxygen delivery to the brain

Not just another heavy day today!  I’ve been talking about bringing in some new lingo to the CrossFit world for strength day notes.

  Currently there exists the following:

“M” – Missed: The athlete does not complete the given number of repetitions of a movement
“PR” – Personal Record:  The athlete completes a given number of repetitions of a movement for the first time

In order to paint a more accurate picture of what has occurred during your strength training, I am proposing the introduction of a few more terms:

“E” – Easy: The athlete was scared of their own strength and should have used the attempt as a warmup
“U” – Ugly: The athlete has reached the edge of their abilities and completes the given number of repetitions of a movement with no concern for their technique or public appearance.  Please note, this term does not apply to any movement labeled “PR”
“EF” – Epic Fail:  The athlete was delusional about their own strength and must hang their head in shame
Hope you get some use out of them, and feel free to add your own!  Also, I have some Sharpie markers around, and had this idea to start signing those lifting platforms!

  Anytime you have a PR or a breakthrough day on a lift, lets write down your name, the movement and weight performed and the date.  If you ever break that record, just go find it, cross it off and add your new PR.  There are tons of lifts, so we’ve got all types of records to break!



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