The Zenith

Rest Day Skill Session at 10am!

Scott in the heat of a new athletic endeavor

Within the many definitions and explanations of CrossFit, we can discover the importance of Sport.  It is the top of the CrossFit Pyramid, the personification of the ten general physical skills and written directly into the World Class Fitness in 100 words.

To forget this component of your training would be the same as removing Olympic Lifting or gymnastics from the program.  We are here to acheive the highest level of General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  We need to be able to stand in front of a hopper filled with an infinite number of tasks and be prepared to take on all possibilities, weather it be on water, land, snow or air.

I highly encourage you to participate in our rest day activities and to pursue a higher level of athletic pursuit outside the gym.  Today we will have our first Introduction to surfing class!

All events will be posted online, where you can click to reserve your spot or to just let us know you are interested in the activity.

 The calendar will include all social events, excursions and special rest day activites.  The regular link is on the left in the navigation bar, or click HERE!

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