The Hips don’t lie

For time:

21 Handstand push-ups

400 meter Run

21 Weighted pull-ups

15 Handstand push-ups

400 meter Run

15 Weighted Pull-ups

9 Handstand Push-ups

400 meter Run

9 Weighted Pull-ups

Post time and weight used for pull-ups to comments.


More hip pics here

Read the below passage, then review the above picture, then visualize your squat…

Most people who have trouble with the squat are having trouble getting good depth while keeping their low back from rounding.

Pretty much anybody can get deep if they allow the lumbar spine to relax into flexion, a phenomenon known in some circles as the “butt wink.” Shoving the knees out of the way on descent and keeping them there so that the adductors can do their job is accomplished by an external rotation of the hip.

-Mark Rippetoe


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