100 Pull ups

100 Push ups

100 Sit ups

100 Squats

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There is nothing wrong with CrossFit programming, only the CrossFit athlete. – Kelly Starrett

Take a minute to wrap your head around that one.  We all entered this thing at a different point in our lives, at different ages, most of us carrying some type of physical baggage.  When a new client has a bad back and it hurts to assume a proper deadlift or press position does that mean the movement is bad for them?  I think not.  You should know that answer from my previous discussion on training through and around acute injuries.  We must take the time to understand our bodies and figure out the “whys” of our deficiencies in order to best address the issue.

 For instance, my father developed  a bad shoulder, and over time couldn’t raise his arm above the shoulder.  The culprit ended up being the ergonomics of his workspace and in particular his mouse position.  A good dose of physical therapy got him back on track, but lesson learned…

don’t spend too much time at your desk.  These are not the positions we were meant to be assuming for the majority of our lives!

 We are meant to be running, squatting, jumping and climbing!

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