Total Mayhem

CrossFit Total

Back Squat, 1 rep

Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments

No messing around today!  Get in, get warmed and start your lifts, finish within the hour.  A summarization of the rules will be posted on the board.


In what I can only imagine was a Herculean effort, a gamble was taken and reward reaped at Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend.  Bringing together some of the most lovely, fittest, weirdest people I have the pleasure of knowing into a remote and unfamiliar area for a weekend of climbing and exploration.

  It was one of the greatest gifts I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  Its just a shame that it had to come at the expense of learning that I’m a heartless, ungrateful for surprises son of a bitch!

I will never forget basking in the afterglow of the day’s climbing, a small group of us sitting atop a rock formation admiring the view.  The full moon lighting up the night, transforming the spires around us into an alien landscape.

  I’m reminded of a scene from one of the Star Wars films as I look at all the campfires glowing in the distance.  I think to myself, this is what we all work so hard for, and this is just the beginning…

Thank you all from the bottom of my emotionless heart.  With a special thank you to Peter for not killing us or himself and my lovely wife for dreaming this up and making it happen.  I love you.


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