Lunges and Thoughts


Fondo and Amy Ramos (right) demonstrate exemplary lunge mechanics. Mike Velasquez (second from left) demonstrates several faults, while Matty Aporta (far left) betrays the slightest lean in torso and eyes. Compelling arguments have been made for laughter and fun to forgive all technique faults.
Good Lunges:
  • Eyes and Chest up.
  • Push off forward heel instead of back leg.
  • Step through intead of stopping with each step.
  • Trailing knee ‘kisses’ ground.
  • Step forward at slight angles to maintain stability.


Bad Lunges:

  • Rounded back and/or leaning.
  • Pushing off leg with arm (attempt to compensate for a weak posterior chain)
  • Knee out in front of the foot on the leading leg


Our first On-Ramp class is almost done and ready to be released into main site programming. We would like to solicit your thoughts, hopes, fears, favorites, and worsts of the last month. What, if any changes have you seen in yourself or outside the gym?

What are your favorite and worst movements and workouts? Moments? What, if any, exploits have you revealed to your friends and family about your experiences? What keeps you coming back?


Reveal, dish, and vent to comments.


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