The Inevitable


21-15-9 reps, for time of:

Thrusters (95M/65W)

Pull ups


How do push ups relate to the hell you are going to experience today?  Well, lets grab a set of our parallettes this week and see many legit pushups we can do.

 You might be surprised at how low this number really is.

 The rules are that your body must maintain a rigid, straight position, your chest to the ground or past your hands if on parallettes and fully extending your elbows at the top.  The motion must be controlled and continuous.

 That means any sagging bellies, asses in the air or any resting position and you’re done.

The push up is a move that almost anyone has performed at some point in their lives, yet few have taken the time to develop its potential.  We will no longer take this gymnastic movement for granted!  The push up is a gateway to incredible pressing strength and balance.  This is accomplished through gradually increasing the elevation of your feet, incrementally, until you have achieved a vertical position in the handstand pushup.  As this article states so beautifully, Twenty handstand push ups achieved without the use of a wall, confers automatically to the ability to perform an overhead press of at least 150% bodyweight.  While simultaneously, an individual with an overhead press of 150% bodyweight tells us nothing of this persons balance or ability to perform any handstand movements.

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