Down Under

This will be the 3rd day this week for some of you performing Olympic Lifts.

 We are going to hammer you on form.

 When the weight gets heavy the margins of error will get continuously smaller.  Training with a pvc pipe or very light bar builds a great foundation.  When you understand how the movement works, you have the confidence to be aggessive, to put your body under that bar, to move quickly and powerfully.  I swear to god, I’m getting fired up!!

 We’re going to Jerk the shit out of some weight today, good luck, have fun, be safe.

Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps


Friday – 7/8/9am, 12/1pm, 5/6/7pm
Saturday – 8/9/10am, 12/1pm

AA very slow moving race

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