Grand Closing

Enjoy your day everyone!  Be merry and go play outside somewhere!

  If you can’t think of anything to do, get in your car, hop on PCH, chill in traffic while enjoying the views, and come visit me at Neptunes Net.

The gym will be closed for Labor Day.

 The next class will be at 7/8/9am on tuesday, as well as 11/Noon, and 5/6/7pm.  The schedule and payment set up will be working by this week.  The schedule will look something like this Monday through Saturday, with certain slots to be determined for the On Ramp classes.  And we’ll get our squat racks in as soon as possible, thanks for saving us Labor Day…

CrossFit Total

Back Squat, 1rep

Shoulder Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep

This number is meant to express your overall strength.  After a  thorough warm up, you will get 3 attempts at each exercise, and you will add the total of your max attempt completed.  Choose your weight wisely, go to heavy and you miss the lift, go too light and you get a shitty score.  Tough call.  Read here for details.

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