What to Do

I love the firsts in life, and we are about to have a whole bunch!  Our first Elizabeth yesterday, the first benchmark wod, Zeb’s first class as an instructor.  CrossFit is great for providing people with firsts.

  What was your first wod?  I remember mine vividly…4 rounds of run 400 meters and 50 squats…

and no, I didn’t finish.  Over the past couple years I have had so many firsts with CrossFit, and I’m thinking about how many more I still have to come.  There are still MANY benchmark wods that I haven’t had a chance to attempt yet!  Since most of us aren’t on the exact schedule of the mainpage, take these days to conquer those challenges you’ve been thinking about.

  Who’s first on your list?  Eva always sounded particularly awful to me…

Hook Grip Killas

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