Ready, Fire, Aim!



We’ve drawn a little blood, had many long nights and jimmy-rigged everything to the highest of standards!

We would like to invite everyone to come visit between 7am and 6pm this Tuesday, September 1st for a fun little WOD or just to say hi and check out the box.  If you can’t make that, then come on down to Main on Main st in Santa Monica!  We have the bar to ourselves starting at 7:30pm until probably around midnight with happy hour food and drinks all night as well.

This is also as good a time as any to get started with our Main site WODs!!!

5 Rounds for time of:

Power Snatch, 15 reps (95M/65F)

Run 400 meters

Remember to use the hook grip always with this movement, warm up with a PVC pipe and the Burgener Warm up.  If you are new to this exercise, use little to no weight.

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