The Changeling

Good movie by the way, but thats not what we’re here for. I wanted to put in writing a few things that I have already discussed with a few of you…namely this blog situation. Its been a week since my last blog posting and therefore there have not been any WODs posted either.

As on the main page, I will now post a new and different workout six days per week with interspersed blog postings once or twice a week. The workout posts will include a WOD for the gym and one for home in case you missed class.

My goal is to make this site a more integral part of the training and a place we can share our thoughts, times and interesting information. I am looking into a few different online workout journals perhaps, and definitely changing the way the blog comment section is set up. Other thoughts include more videos and pics through flickr or vimeo perhaps, online payment set up (almost there), testimonials and guest blogging.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have on how I can improve! Here we go…

Squat Clean


Remember, this is a squat clean, meaning you must drop into a full squat. If you are unfamiliar with this movement, use the pvc pipe or a light bar to practice. Go through the movements, try making some video of yourself from the profile, it can be incredibly informative if you don’t have a coach there with you.

4 Rounds of:
Run 400 meters
Max reps Push-ups
12 bodyweight Jumping Squats
Getting in her Zen state before the workout

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