Hang on to that Railing

CrossFit has a way of reminding you.  Reminding you how you’ve been eating.  Reminding you how many days you’ve missed in the gym.  How many days you stayed up late and how many beers you drank.  When you finally walk through that door and put yourself through a WOD, you will remember.  Not only will the workout itself suck ass, but the next two days won’t be pretty either.

  Stretching won’t help, icing wont help, you’re basically fucked.  So, hang on to those railings when walking down stairs and keep coming back!

  The only “cure” for that soreness you feel is repeat exposure and regular hard work.


5 Rounds Max Reps of:

Bodyweight Bench Press

Pull ups

Rest 5 minutes

If you can’t bench your bodyweight, scale down by percentage and make note.  This is the same for the pull ups, if you use jumping pull ups or an assistance band, decide in the beginning and stick to it through all 5 rounds.


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