Suck It Up

Whats your mental checklist before you lift something heavy?

Do you even have one? You should!

First, assume the best possible positioning for the movement.

This is more complex than it may sound. The angle your feet are turned out can change the depth of a squat or power to drive overhead. When thinking about your spinal position, make sure to include your neck. Eyes on a fixed point to help maintain balance. Your abdominals should be pulled in tight towards your spine, now take a deep breath! Push your diaphragm down and hold it.

While still holding your breath, maintaining your body’s optimal positioning, now complete your repetition. Only exhale after you have finished one complete rep, not just half of the movement! This is what midline stabilization is all about and it is critical to performing functional movements properly. With time, the positioning will be more natural, and you can focus on your breath and the movement alone. For now, I’ll be there watching.


3 Rounds for time

Run 400 meters

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Pull ups

If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can still use a dumbell, and if you have no dumbells, then do standing jumps as high as you can. Try to focus on that running form!

Katie snatches while Erik goes for a little jog

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