Got Skills?

Running, ughh. I know how you feel. Are you thinking about a long slow jog for an hour or a short hard 400 meter sprint? Both have their own awfulness. I may have a cure for this…learn to run properly! This will have two immediate effects on your running.

First, the mental aspect. Instead of thinking about how much running sucks, focus on how you are running, where are your feet hitting the ground, how much are you leaning forward, etc. Second, as you improve your form and efficiency, you will find that you can physically tolerate running for a longer period of time. Think about running as a skill.

Watch this video to learn some basics of POSE running technique. Check out a variety of running lecture clips on the main page video section, its fascinating I promise. Now today’s workout may not have any running, but maybe tomorrow!

Overhead Squat


That is 5 sets of 5 reps for you newbies. There is no time component. Watch the video for some safety tips.

Have fun with this core blaster!

Practicing their synchronized crossfit routine

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