Making Plans

I am going to live until I’m 90. I decided that a while ago.  I am yet to determine how long after that, but definitely 90, at least.  Please note:  This does not include accidental deaths from, but not limited to, falling off a mountain, getting hit by a car, eaten by a shark, or a failed parachute.

Think about the reality of 90 years old for a minute. That means I have at least 60 years left to live; two of my lifetimes to live again. Thats a long time, and I plan on being active for all of it! What are your plans? Have you imagined what you will be doing when you get older? Read here about Don Wildman, who is 75 years old, and still kicking ass…awesome stuff.

3 Rounds for time:

10 Turkish Get up Windmills

10 One armed Snatches

Run 400 meters with dumbell

The get ups and snatches are 5 reps per arm, be sure to use a weight that you are comfortable with, the run is all you. Figure out what the best way to carry it is!

Don Wildman at 75

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