Zen State


I recently wrote a blog about letting out your inner beast during the WODs, but is there a more enlightened path? I grunt and moan in about every single workout because I don’t think about it.

However, in my next workout, I’m going to make an effort to stay calm and not expend extra energy grimacing or yelling. Even though it feels good, its probably using up some much needed energy, right? Give them both a try and see how it feels!

5 Rounds for Time of:

30 Box Jumps

20 Push Press

30 Pull Ups


The preferred height for the box jump is 24″ and 115 pounds for men and 85 pounds for women on the push press. Scale the height and weight as needed to ensure proper form and range of motion.

Arthur has no idea how sore he is going to be for the next 3 days…


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