Unexpected Surprises



5 pull ups

10 Push ups

15 squats

Perform this every minute on the minute for 30 minutes. If you cannot complete the set in the minute, continue as many rounds as possible for the remaining time.

Mark how many minutes you stayed on track and how many rounds you completed total.

Coach Glassman recently made a comment that really got me going. He was discussing the applications and benefits of CrossFit in the military, and that beyond the obvious physical benefits they would see benefits in other areas of operation.

He said, “Did you know there has never been a grand master chess champion that wasn’t physiclly fit?” His point was that there is an inherent connection between what we are capable of mentally and physically. I briefly looked up some grand master chess champions to back up this claim, to discover that there are not too many pictures of chess players’ physiques out there. I can say that I did not run into one picture of an overweight chess champion though. It seems counter-intuitive at first, I mean all they do is sit around a table right? Read one of my favorite journal articles, its by Mark Rippetoe, called “Be Alive. Be Very Alive.” Its only three pages long, and it speaks volumes. Thanks to all of you that are willing to work hard and be alive!

Jordan’s first WOD!
I decided to post the ‘before’ pic

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