How many of you workout on a set schedule? We are coming up on our first week of the challenge I posted. Like most of you, my schedule is crazy, so it seems difficult to predict when you will be able to fit in a workout. Think about what things you can change in your daily life that will open up some time. In college I broke it down into half hour sit-com time blocks. Some days I would sacrifice one show, or for an hour, two shows. There are tons of exercises you can do in less than a half an hour.

Think about how many times a week you kill a half an hour by just watching one tv show, watching youtube videos, etc. These might not work for you, but try something different. Check out your cell phone features, most will have a daily/weekly calendar reminder alarm that is useful. Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

Squeezing it in between jobs


Death by the Minute

With a continuously running clock, perform one pull up the first minute, two the second minute, three the third and so on until you cannot complete the given number of reps for that minute. It may sound wierd, but its as simple as it sounds. For the first minute, you will do one rep, then you can rest for the remainder of that minute, then two reps and rest.

It will get difficult quickly I promise. All you have to do with the clock is just press start and let it run.

This workout can also be done with a variety of different exercises if you don’t have a pull up bar, try back squats, dips, kettlebell swings, clean and jerks, or burpees.

You can also combine movements, for example, 1 push-up/1 box jump the first minute, 2 push-ups/2 box jumps the second minute, and so on. Use your imagination!

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