Winter Wonderland

It was another beautiful day on the beach today.  We had Jack join us for the first time and Ferrari returned after a few months off.  If you have never had the pleasure, working out in a group is a great motivator.  After discussing the WOD, I reminded everyone to do their best, go hard and not think about the finish.  I remember one of the first videos I ever saw about CrossFit, with a guy saying, “If you’re not nervous before your workout…think about it.”  I did think about it, but not until I experienced it did I understand what he was talking about.  You can feel the anticipation building as the workout is about to begin.  You know that your current state of being is about to be turned upside down.

  You look around to see who you want to beat.

  You know its going to suck either way.

  You can do this.  Think pleasant thoughts…at least you’re not in the Midwest right now.  3,2,1, GO!!!

Welcome to the group Jack!


3 Rounds for time

5 Burpees

20 Med Ball Cleans

30 Overhead Squats

Run 400 meters

For those of you at home or on the road, for the cleans you can use a variety of things, a broomstick, bag of clothes, jug of water, I don’t care, you can even just perform the movement.  Check out this sandbag workout for instance.  This is the same for the overhead squats, if you can’t find something wide enough for your overhead grip, just perform a regular air squat or front squat while holding something.

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