Mind Body Connection

Its amazing how seeing and doing are two different things.  The first time I went surfing, the wave is crashing around you, the board is unbalanced beneath you, there are so many things to remember…where to put your hands, where to lean your weight, foot placement, paddling…it didn’t go quite as I had envisioned it.  Today’s WOD incorporates two exercises most people have never attempted: the Overhead Squat and Ring Dips. Both seem relatively straight forward in their execution, but require an incredible amount of technique and body control.

  As we learn new skills, we need to have faith that with time, practice and hard work, we will get better.

  What have you learned lately?

3 Rounds for Time:

Run 400meters

25 Overhead Squats, 45 pound bar

25 Ring Dips

Steve has an epiphany on his last round of squats…beautiful

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