So we are officially up and running! We’re busting in on to the Santa Monica area public park training scene with a vengeance! Where ever you are, we’ll find you! If you’re new to Crossfit or if you’ve been sippin the kool-aid for years, this is for you!

In the beginning I was just a man with a pull up bar and a dream. The dream to get strong and kick ass at everything! I knew I could get plenty done with just my bodyweight and that bar, so when I discovered CrossFit, it was like a miracle. I would scroll through pages of WODs. Glued to the video screens. I was looking for two things: a workout I might actually be able to finish and one that only required a pull up bar and me. I was working by myself, and I would regularly just quit in the middle of a workout, probably while running 400 meters. Impossible, I’m done, tomorrow I’ll do better. In time, came a cheap used weight set from Play it again Sports. My crossfit palate began to develop, but joining a gym still remained an expense I could not afford. If only there were just CrossFit boxes around, like a community gym, where I could go and do these workouts. As I plowed ahead, figuring out ways to do these workouts in my apartment. Trying not to bother my roommates or my neighbors or my landlord that lived below me. I slowly gathered more equipment, the seed had been planted and there was no going back.

I hope all of you can be a part of my CrossFit experience. I hope that it will change lives like it has changed my life. I am grateful for this information being offered to me freely online. I greatly admire that success has come from providing something more than a product to be consumed. My dream has become to provide that service for all!  Welcome to the Party!

Hope you enjoy our inaugural WOD:


Ten Rounds for Time:
30sec Max reps Thrusters
30sec Max reps Pull-Ups
Rest one minute

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