Workout of the Day

We understand that not everyone is familiar with the exercises in the WODs, and it can be intimidating to jump into a class if you don’t know what you’re doing. To help you, we’ve put together a library of Workout of the Day videos that show each exercise performed safely. You’ll also get a chance to see how much fun our members and coaches have during a Crossfit class.

A Workout of the Day (also known as a WOD) is a daily pre-planned workout you participate in when you attend a Crossfit class. It usually consists of multiple exercises performed in succession, intending to complete a certain number of repetitions or reach a time limit. These exercises can be performed by anyone, regardless of experience or fitness level. People do WODs not only because they’re fun and challenging — but also because they’re effective at building muscle and burning fat. Multiple muscle groups will be worked simultaneously during a well-designed WOD, which makes your body work harder than it would with straightforward isolation workouts. The Workout of the Day is designed to improve your overall fitness, keep you motivated, and get results. 
If you’re unsure whether Crossfit is right for you, schedule a free intro session with one of our coaches, and we’ll walk you through each step of the Workout of the Day. We have members of all fitness levels at our gym, so you can feel comfortable about becoming a member regardless of where you are in your journey.