Paradiso CrossFit WODs for Home

The first CrossFit workout I ever attempted was 4 Rounds of Run 400 meters and 50 Squats. Sounded simple enough…I made it through half of Round 3 before I quit. Its ok if you can’t finish them at the beginning! I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong journey for you.

Be consistent and work hard, no matter where you go or what your schedule is like.

Go to your local high school track, use the gmaps pedometer to measure your exact running distances, use your local parks and beaches for pull-up and dip bars, remember to be creative and have fun!

Download WOD List

If you are unfamiliar with any of the movements listed, check out the exercise and video links from The mainpage is the source for a massive amount of information, any questions you have will most likely be answered at their FAQ, or you can always give us a call!