Travis’s Nutrition


Coffee w/ Heavy whipping cream, 4 strips of bacon, 4 eggs, spinach, Sweet Potato

Pre-Workout Snack
1 Green apple w/ almond butter, 10g creatine, coffee, Gunpowder or KillCliff

Intra- Workout
I will usually mix 5-10g of BCAAs with a scoop of maltodextrin.
SFH Recovery or raw milk, scoop of maltodextrin, 5g creatine
Lunch/Dinner (usually 1 hour post workout)

Usually have Grass-fed beef patty, chicken breast or a Filet, sweet Potato or white rice w/ kerry gold butter, 1/2 Avocado, 2 cups Brussel Sprouts, veggie mix or a kale salad mix.


Snacks, supplements and other thoughts
I used to try and stick to an intermittent fasting structured format. My first big meal usually is not until 1pm if I workout in the AM. Nowadays I have found that eating more carbohydrates in the morning and post-workout has helped me make gains without sacrificing conditioning. I really enjoy eating white rice and drinking whole or raw milk almost everyday. As far as supplements go, nothing crazy: Recovery protein (or raw milk), Organic Maltodextrin, BCAAs, Fish Oil (capsules since I cannot stomach the liquid for the life of me), and creatine.