Paradiso CrossFit Prehab – The Wrists and Elbows

The first video below will discuss common problems we see in the WRISTS/ELBOWS and the purpose of the subsequent exercises.

Remember that the body is an integrated system, so a problem with the wrist can be related to the elbow or the shoulder, upper back and neck, etc.  Be sure to review all segments of this resource, focus on finding improved movement and contact Steve if you need professional guidance.  Click HERE to return to Physical Therapy Menu.



Two way wrist stretching with a band for distraction. It is important to pay attention to the line of pull of the band and also to keep the “elbow pit” pointing forward and staying in a locked out position. Perform for 60-90 sec for physical change



Another exercise to strengthen the wrist flexors and extensors to decrease tendonitis of the elbow. Should not experience pain. Goal is to perform 2-3 sets of 20 reps


Strengthens the forearm musculature to reduce tendonitis in the elbow