Paradiso CrossFit Prehab – The Knee

The first video below will discuss common problems we see in the KNEE and the purpose of the subsequent exercises.

Remember that the body is an integrated system, so a problem with the knee can be related to the ankles or the lower back and the hips, etc.  Be sure to review all segments of this resource, focus on finding improved movement and contact Steve if you need professional guidance.  Click HERE to return to Physical Therapy menu.


Soft Tissue Work

Start just above the knee, progress upwards to the base of the glutes. Find the tight/tender points and perform active knee flexion and extension 5 reps per area. Focus on 4-5 different regions of the hamstring.


Perform 2-3 min total per leg, focusing on bending and extending the knee over trigger points. Address the medial, lateral, and middle quads




This exercise focuses on opening up the knee joint for anyone who has pain or tightness in the knee. Perform 60-90″. Use a small rolled up towel to increase the stretch.


Banded Hamstring stretch. This stretch targets the mid-belly of the hamstring, and for those of you who are tight, this stretch should be uncomfortable when performed correctly. Goal is 60-90 seconds


This stretch targets the hamstrings. Start by having fingers under toes and extend knees as far as possible for 5 seconds then rest 5 seconds. Repeat for 60″-90″


Excellent stretch for the Hamstrings and posterior chain. Goal is to get knee as close to extended as possible. Perform 10×5″ holds.



Great alternative to the pistol squat. Use a box that you can perform 8-10 good reps. Keep knee from moving side to side, slide toe up and down box without using it to push off the ground at the bottom of the squat. Perform 3×8-10 reps.


One of my favorite warm up exercises. Start in partial squat, head and chest up, take large step out lead leg, small step in trailing leg. Avoid dragging the trail leg. Perform 2×20′ Side to Side and forwards/backwards