Paradiso CrossFit Prehab – The Hips

The first video below will discuss common problems we see in the HIPS and the purpose of the subsequent exercises. 

Remember that the body is an integrated system, so a problem with the upper back can be related to the shoulders or the lower back and the hips, etc.  Be sure to review all segments of this resource, focus on finding improved movement and contact Steve if you need professional guidance.  Click HERE to return to Physical Therapy menu.


Soft Tissue Work

Perform in 3-4 different areas/tight bands of the glutes. Excellent trigger point release method, should be quite uncomfortable.



This is my favorite stretch to target the Hip flexors/Quads. Perform with foot on bench (or couch), bring glutes to heel, keep abs engaged, and squeeze glutes to push hips forward. DON’T LOSE spinal nuetral. The goal is 90 seconds to 2 minutes.


Perform in 3-4 different areas/tight bands of the glutes. Excellent trigger point release method, should be quite uncomfortable.


This focuses on improving squat depth and improving rotational range of motion. If stretching the right hip, bring right elbow as close to right heel as possible opening up hip as wide as possible while keeping heel on ground. Objective: 5 reps, holding for 10 seconds in each position.


Hip Flexor stretch. This stretch can be performed solo, but would be more effective having a partner assist in the stretch, to allow for greater relaxation of the hip flexors.


Not mentioned in the video is that the goal is to keep the shoulders flat on the ground which also aims to improve thoracic spine mobility in addition to being an excellent anterior chain stretch (quads and hip flexors)




Excellent exercise at activating the glutes for a proper squat. Perform with feet more narrow than usual with the toes pointing straight ahead. The goal is to create torque at the hips, effectively activating the glutes needed for stability and strength in any variation of a squat. Perform 3×10 reps, 3 seconds down, 3 seconds up. Add a KB to increase resistance.


One of my favorite warm up exercises. They can be performed prior to any lower extremity movement because the engage the glutes and lateral leg musculature.Start in partial squat, head and chest up, take large step out lead leg, small step in trailing leg. Avoid dragging the trail leg. Perform 2×20′ Side to Side and forwards/backwards.


Very challenging exercise for most athletes because it incorporates Glute strength, core strength, and shoulder stability. Start out 6″ off the wall on elbow, keep top leg in contact with the wall throughout the movement. Perform is 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. If too challenging, lie on side.