Steve’s Nutrition


3 eggs over medium, 4 strips of bacon, sliced avocado with salsa, banana, coconut water or glass of OJ (diluted 50/50 with water)

If I’m going to workout in am, I will hold off on breakfast til after and just have protein shake with chameleon cold pressed coffee, banana and slice of bread with almond butter.



I usually try to eat a meat and 2 sides.

Example: chicken breast, butternut squash/beets and brussel spouts. I love the whole foods value meal which is a meat and 2 sides for $8-10 which you can get a decent amount of good food for not too expensive.



(whatever Lindsay makes in the crockpot) My favorite meal is Tri-tip with her bacon and brussel sprouts, along with cinnamon sweet potatoes. I usually workout at night so I will combo that with a SFH protein shake with water and unsweetened almond milk.


On the Go

Gaby’s express off Washington and Lincoln, I’ll get the kabob combo plate which comes with rice and hummus and salad.

Best place to eat a lot of high quality meat when I’m really hungry: Libra Steakhouse in Culver city


Snacks and other Thoughts

I snack frequently throughout the day. I don’t follow paleo, but I try to eat real whole food. Favorite snacks are apple, orange, almonds, BABY CARROTS (these are the best because they have such low calorie content, take a long time to eat, and keeps you full). I’ll eat KIND bar or Lara bar if I’m out and about all day. I also drink a TON of water, I like to buy the 49c 1.5L of water from whole foods and fill that up 2-3x day.