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• You will receive $100 cash or discount off your next month when you get someone to signup. Feel free to gift this $100 to your referral as well if they are limited by the cost of membership!

• Whoever you refer can choose from 3 discounted memberships:
-$199/monthly unlimited access for up to 3 months (Save $138, no contract required)
-10 class punchcard for $200 ($50 off)
-20 class punchcard for $350 ($100 off)

•Email us at to let us know they signed up and how you want to apply the $100 referral bonus. HERE is the link to schedule a free intro session with anyone interested (or book it for them;)

FAQs when discussing a CrossFit memberships:

“Im not fit enough” or “Im scared of getting hurt” or “Its too intimidating
First time attendees are always surprised by the intro session and experiencing CrossFit for the first time, the key is to just get them in the door!  Whata we do is actually super FUN and everyone in the gym is super nice!  Explain that the intro session is a private session with the owner or one of the managers (Justin at Culver and Darnell at Venice) and are all super nice and to just give that intro session a try.  We would even highly encourage you to join your friends for the session!

“Its too expensive”
Its hard to explain the value of CrossFit and the community until you experience it.  Instead of trying to explain that, I simply try to demonstrate that it is not expensive based on what they already know.  Often people are thinking about the cost of a 24hr Fitness, Golds, etc, but that is the wrong comparison.  Ask how much yoga, spin or any other group fitness class costs…the answer is typically around $25/class. How often do people go?  Oh, 2x a week?  How much does that add up to be?  $200.  Thats basically what CrossFit costs for unlimited access, plus coaching, plus community events, etc.

 “I’m already a member at another gym” or “I love going to my {insert other fitness brand} classes”
This is one mindset we want to really accept and encourage, that its ok to not be a full time CrossFit member!  Attending just once or twice a week on specific days aligned with your goals in conjunction with other types of training is great!  That is why we sell punchcards that never expire, to allow people to come in on days that are in line with their goals.  This means attending specialty classes like glute, gymnastics or barbell classes, the Thursday or Sunday cardio focused days, etc.  Our members already do this with things like pilates and yoga and we want to encourage those athletes to do the same!