Paradiso X is a program designed for those who would like to do more on top of class. This programming is intended for the class athlete who trains 5 days a week and can RX the majority of workouts, but wants to put in extra work on training his/her conditioning, strength and gymnastics.

Paradiso X will focus on building capacity in gymnastics and skills, weightlifting, fundamental strength, aerobic work and 3-4 extra Metcons per week. The extra work should take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete, so you should plan on this program being 2-3 hours of training, 5 days a week.

While skill and technique work will be included in this programming, we do recommend that you are an experienced Crossfitter before deciding to add this in to your training. Unlike in Group Class programming, we will not be including scaling options in Paradiso X; our hope is those who need to scale, will be experienced enough to know how to scale on their own. Tyler and Madison will always be available via email/text for those of you who have questions or need help, but we ask that your foundation of Crossfit is already strong.

Because this extra programming is structured around group class, Thursdays and Sundays are meant to be rest days.  That being said, we recommend athletes who follow this program to NOT attend class on those two days. The reason being, that several of the longer conditioning pieces from these ‘off days’ will appear as extra conditioning pieces in the Paradiso X Programming. 

You can sign up for Paradiso X on Wodify through this link , where you will receive one week for FREE!!!

If you decide this programming is for you, the cost is $34.99 a month, and your account will be charged on the first day of your second week.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and feedback is always welcomed. Excited to get this going!!