McCoy’s Nutrition


Coffee – Triple Americano or a few cups of black coffee. 

Three hard boiled eggs at Groundwork or 4 scrambled eggs and avocado if making breakfast at home. 

If in a rush then I will resort to a Warrior Meal with my coffee. 



This is usually when I work out, in the 1-4pm slot. Pre-workout I mix a scoop of SFH Pre-Race with two scoops of Vitargo. This creates a mix of protein and fats (SFH) with a gluten free easy to digest simple carbohydrate (Vitargo) to get through long training sessions and never to be at a calorie deficit.

Post workout I mix 1-2 scoops of SFH Recovery with 1 scoop of Vitargo. This provides more protein and BCAAs to recover and extra shot of simple carbs to replenish glycogen stores and get extra calories. If I am really trying to gain weight, within about an hour after my workout I will consume up to a half gallon of raw milk from Udderly LA. This is not for everyone and I do not not do it all the time but it works for muscle and strength gaining. 



I am usually coaching during this time (5-10pm) so I keep Warrior Meals on hand but rely on a Brian’s Bowl to get me through this time period. 


Second Dinner (Biggest Meal)

When I get home in the evening I am usually pretty hungry and eat my biggest meal of the day. This will usually be about 1 pound of grass fed ground beef with sauteed kale or green vegetable of some type and about 2-3 cups of white rice from the sushi bar at whole foods. This is not perfectly paleo of course but I have no issues digesting the rice and it provides another dose of carbohydrates and calories for the next day of training. I am usually to full after this to eat any type of dessert or snack and I go to bed.  

The above is an ideal day of eating to provide enough calories and macronutrients to maintain a high volume of training while gaining or keeping muscle and maintaining a conditioning base. 


On the go

When I am traveling or too lazy to cook or just do not have time, I have few thing I rely on to maintain my food volume as cleanly as possible. I use Warrior Meals a lot. These are perishable, gluten free bars with rolled oats, whey protein, and a few types of dried fruit. They are simple and dense and I eat them more than I should because it is easy. I use the hot food bar at Whole Foods often and always go for some beef, green vegetable, and simple carb like rice or potato. This is basically my go to meal at any restaurant as well. I try to avoid gluten although I do cheat at times. Lately, if in a pinch, I will error more on the side of eating and getting calories then not eating to avoid a less “clean” meal. I do this because, as I said before, I want to maintain muscle and training volume. I DO notice the increase in inflammation when I overeat gluten and sugar and such. 

I try to stick to red wine and tequila when I drink, which is usually about once a week. I also take SFH Fish Oil twice a day.