Matt’s Nutrition


Either 4 egg scramble w/ grass fed beef, & avocado or 6 egg scramble. Both with 3 cups of cruciferous vegetable or leafy green (broccoli, spinach, kale), onion & garlic


Post-Workout Lunch/Dinner

1/2lb grass fed lamb or beef burger lettuce wrap w/sauteed onion, tomato, avocado, and 1/2lb sweet potato fries (cooked in tallow, bacon fat or coconut oil w/ smoked paprika, salt & thyme) sometimes small (1/2-1C portion) of fruit

Beanless Bone Broth Chili – Sautee or roast 1 large onion and 4-6 cloves garlic. Add 4lbs ground beef, 1 quart bone broth, 2C tomatoes, 4T lard/bacon fat, 4 Jalapenos/Serranos, a mix of rehydrated chilis and/or chili powder to taste, 1 tbsp black pepper, 1 tbsp pink himalayan salt, 2 tbsp cumin to a crockpot. Finely chop garlic & onion, add to crock pot and leave on low for 4 hours. Serve w/ avocado, grass-fed cheese, liberal amount of cilantro, and white rice (if post workout)


Rest Day/Night Workout Planned Lunch

Big Ass Salad, usually a mix of butter lettuce and whatever vegetables look good to me that day topped with 1/2lb beef or salmon and some sprouted walnuts or pecans. ACV/Balsamic and Olive Oil.

Curried Lamb Shoulder– Add 3-4lb lamb shoulder, 1 sliced medium onion (make this base layer), 2 large carrots cut into quarters, 4 cloves garlic, 1 can Native Forest Coconut Milk (this brand uses a BPA free can unlike Thai Kitchen and 365 brand), and red curry paste to a crockpot and leave it on ‘warm’ setting overnight (about 8-10 hours)

Bone broth soup – (1-2C Bone Broth, Carrots, Sundried Tomato, Onion, Basil, Butter)


Dining Out

If I’m eating out, it’s usually dinner with friends or a cheat meal. On the nights when I want to be compliant with my eating habits, but eat at a nice place with friends, I usually go to Misfit in Santa Monica. They have grass-fed burgers and the cage-free egg is a free add-on (I hate when you get charged for basic burger add-ons!).

Venice Ale House is also another great local option, I love the lamb burgers and grass-fed burger but with all the add-ons my hungry self usually opts for, it can get expensive.

Sauce on Hampton is another place that I regularly visit when my family is in town. Unfortunately you can’t get the Salisbury Steak without Soy Sauce, but sometimes you just have to say ‘F*ck it’ and eat the poison. They also have GF burgers and the sweet potatoes are always perfectly cooked.

If I’m traveling I usually opt for vietnamese food and order pho. I get the ‘weird’ one with beef, tripe & tendon + a side of vegetables. Pho Ga is awful because the chicken dries out and is an omega-6 bomb.

I also love to buy a small portion of grass-fed ground beef or lamb before going into a Thai place and order the large Tom Kha with veggies and add my meat to the hot soup. If you feel awkward doing this, just try it once and see what happens. You might get a weird look from a patron at the table next to you and they return to their conversation. I almost always stay with friends while traveling, so I can usually still cook breakfast and sometimes dinner. Offering to cook dinner for your host is a great way to get invited back.


Snacks and Other Thoughts

I don’t snack, and you shouldn’t either. Drink water instead. If I need to eat a meal on the road, I usually cook in bulk and throw a mix of leftovers in a quart-sized mason jar. Another great portable option is to halve & seed a bell pepper to use as a bowl for chili, meat, etc. in a pyrex container.