Lauren’s Nutrition


Once a week I chop up bell peppers, mushrooms and an onion so my mornings flow quick and easy. I’ll mix up 2 eggs, a cup of chopped veggies, a small handful of cheese then usually whatever meat I have left over from dinners. Sometimes I’ll buy chicken sausage and chop that into the mix. Season with salt and pepper and depending on my mood and the meat left overs I’ll season creatively.

Sometimes I’ll be on the go for breakfast so I’ll stop into Whole Foods and lay down a bed of greens, eggs and some fresh veggies.



I put together 5 salads per week consisting of all raw veggies, kale/spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, avocado and whatever left over meat Ive cooked up. This is where Ill take left over food from dinners and mash it into my salad. Ill use my moms home made pesto or make a oil and vinegar dressing because store bought dressing contain a bunch of crap in them. 



Ill cook in large batches because I get home late and dont want to have to spend a lot of time cooking so late. I eat a lot of baked chicken breasts, salmon or fish with simple seasoning paired with grilled veggies that I dont eat raw like Brussels sprouts or green beans. 


Snacks and other Thoughts

Its no secret I’m somewhat addicted to chocolate covered espresso beans and almond butter. I like a good apple or banana to match with the almond butter. 

For me the trick is not to buy the bad stuff so I don’t get tempted to eat it. I’m always on the go so preparing ahead of time is crucial to eating clean and on time with my training schedule.