Jefferson’s Nutrition


3 eggs prepared any style I have the urge for on that particular day, 3 strips of bacon or sausage, a handful of cubed and roasted sweet potatoes, and half an avocado or some guacamole.


Leftovers from the prior nights dinner because I always cook more than my family will need.

Examples: Steaks/Fish/Sausage/Poultry and veggies of the grill, Roasted Brussels with bacon, Kale salads, Slow cooker pulled pork/Slow Cooker green chili chicken/ Slow Cooker beef or any other ground meat chili.

Dining Out

Mendocino Farms steak salad
The Counter burger bowls
Sauce on Hampton for a bun-less burger or maybe breakfast for dinner:)


Not much in between meals: Maybe an Oh my Bar pre-workout, almonds, or homemade kale chips