Jackie’s Nutrition


Paleo Pancake- 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg, ½ banana, 1 TBSP Almond butter, 1 TBSP chia seeds, 1 TBSP cranberries, 1 TBSP sunflower seeds

½ chicken sausage (from Whole Foods)


Lunch/ Dinner

I usually eat some type lean meat, mostly grilled chicken, and use Franks Hot Sauce for dipping. I also add in steamed or sautéed vegetables, like swiss char, asparagus, and brussel sprouts. I also usually add in a side of sweet potatoes. Not really exciting, I know. But I don’t really like to cook so all my meals are 5-10 minutes at the most. I would be happy eating 3 eggs with Hot Sauce, turkey bacon, and a vegetable or sweet potato for every meal. I’m lucky to have a roommate who loves to cook, so I always offer to sample whatever she may be making. I always drink water throughout the day.


Meals on the Go

I rarely like to eat out. But when I do I try to go to healthy eating places as much as I can. My favorite is Rainbow Acres. I choose from their selection of pre-made hot foods. I also choose Whole Foods, and Greens Up. I eat really plain, so I choose chicken, and plain steamed veggies mostly.


Snacks and Other Thoughts

I usually don’t snack, but if I do I usually make a protein shake, or have some raw almonds. I don’t drink, so alcohol is not my weakness. But sweets are. I love chocolate. So to curb this craving I turn to Dark Chocolate covered almonds, or chocolate Hot Tea that I buy from Whole Foods. Ice Cream and Pancakes are my favorite, and tend to eat them every Sunday. I don’t have a cheat day, but several cheat meals throughout the week. The only supplement I use is Fish Oil.