How to Read the Endurance Programming

Every weekend we will be posting the programming for the following week for Single Sport (Running) and Multi-Sport (Triathlon) athletes.  The programming will be one week behind Crossfit Endurance mainsite.  The purpose of this is to be able to better plan your week, since both programs involve days with multiple workouts.  By knowing your programming ahead of time, you can shift workouts around to accommodate your schedule and still complete all the workouts within the given week.   That’s one of the main goals of this program; low volume, high intensity, get your workouts in quickly, then focus on recovery and enjoying the rest of your week and your life!  The endurance workouts are in addition to the 3-5 weekly Crossfit WODs you should be doing already

You will also now know ahead of time what we will be doing at Track Night and have a place to post times.  Three running workouts will be posted each week for running, a Short Interval, a Long Interval, and a Tempo / Time Trial.  The default workout for both Track Nights will always be the Short Interval, but if you come both days you will get a chance to do the Long Interval as well.  To complete the weekly cycle, you would do the Tempo / Time Trial on your own on the weekend.  This program will work from a 5k up to Marathon.

The multi-sport program is a little more complicated and involves a higher number of endurance workouts to meet the increased demands of a triathlon.  Six workouts will be posted each week, two for each sport (swim/bike/run) as well as the recommended day to perform each workout.  The endurance Short Interval workouts will always be Monday through Wednesday and the Long Interval and Tempo / Time Trial will rotate Friday through Sunday.

The above programs are just templates and can be adjusted to meet your specific goals, weaknesses, volume threshold, and schedule availability.  Contact Coach Frank at if you have any questions or need any help adjusting the program to meet your specific needs!